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This is a new LifeDesk where participants can edit taxon information, upload images, maintain bibliographic resources, among other activities.

The purpose of this LifeDesk is to create within the Encylopedia of Life rich and useful content for plant species commonly found in the urban environment of New York City. The current goal is to have around 500 species covered by July 2013, focusing on commonly encountered plants in New York City’s urban flora, including those being actively planted in restoration efforts and invasive plants that often thrive in the urban habitat. I encourage you to check out the Project Overview (link at left) to find out more background about this LifeDesk. You are invited to join in this effort by first creating a (free) account, and then by adding biological information, photographs, vidoes, maps, etc. to any of the species featured on this LifeDesk. Check out the Show Classification link (above) to see the current species list. Species that already have some content are featured at the Taxon Pages link (left). Content is harvested by the EOL once a week. There's always something new here, so check back often. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated!

Note for the Friends of the Hempstead Plains: Welcome to my project site! Plains species are featured here due to their presence on many NYC green roofs. Look in the Image Gallery for the Diana Center; this section has Hempstead Plains species. To get to the main site of the Encyclopedia of LIfe, click the EOL home link on the left.

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